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École Hudson Road Elementary
Home of the Hawks!

CLS - Lou's class 2.JPGOur Learning Story
Hudson Road Elementary School is a K-5 school located at the base of Mount Boucherie, close to Highway 97 on the Westside of Lake Okanagan.  The school was built in 1978.  Hudson Road Elementary is a school that services a population of approximately 270 students, and 40 staff members working together to make Hudson Road a comprehensive elementary school with a variety of learning opportunities. Hudson Road diverse population of students and staff representing over 10 countries, and multiple Indigenous, Metis, and Inuit nations contribute to our rich cultural learning environment.  
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Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) supports all programs at our school by engaging in activities that promote parental involvement at all grade levels. Regular attendance at conferences and special events is a reliable indicator of this.  The Parent Advisory Council is an active and vital group involved in community building through their Welcome back BBQ, Hot Lunch Program, Winter Carnival, Teacher appreciation luncheon, and many other fundraising opportunities like ( Winter Flowers, Cookie Dough, Spring Baskets, Bottle Depot, and Purdy Chocolates).  Fundraising for school initiatives, as well as taking an interest in school programs, are a major focus of the Parent Advisory Council.

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Hudson Road Elementary provides a unique cultural experience for all students. Our students participate in authentic, hands on Indigenous activities aimed at enriching their understanding of the local Okanagan culture while making positive contribution to our community.  Our indigenous advocate, Mrs. Gautheir, provides, emotional, social, academic and cultural support to indigenous students.  Mrs. Gauthier works closely with families, teachers and other personnel to provide service for students.

StrongStart Program - Early Learning CenterL Plan 7.jpg
ovides a drop-in early learning program for children who are accompanied by their parents or caregivers. StrongStart center at Hudson Road Elementary offers creative, interactive play time with your child. Promotes connections with other parents and provides parenting information and support. This program is facilitated by a licensed Early Childhood Educator.

School Learning Goals

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 A significant emphasis has been placed on:

      • INQUIRY,

 Academic progress is supported by caring for the social-emotional aspect of a child's time at the school.  Every student  must first feel safe and have their basic needs met before engaging in meaningful learning and experience academic success. To that end Hudson Road has, over the years, developed a number of strategies and supports to create the foundation for effective learning. We see social-emotional learning and development, along with literacy and numeracy development, as areas of a child's overall educational experience.
Our Mission
As a community of students, staff and parents, our goal is to promote a safe environment where there is trust and respect for self and others.
Each student is encouraged to show initiative and responsibility towards life-long learning. Our learners will leave with dignity, purpose and options.
Our Goals

  • To increase the percentage of students meeting or exceeding expectations in Reading and Writing.
  • To increase student learning through instructional practices in the area of Numeracy.
  • To improve self-awareness and self - management by demonstrating personal and social responsibility.

Our Belief System that Hudson Hawks SOAR guides our work to "Be the best you can and leave our Hudson Learning Community with dignity, options and purpose".
S - Supports  -   positive and safe school culture and lifestyle
O - Opportunites - creating equitable learning opportunities for all our learners
A -  Achievement -  promoting academic, athletic  as well as social- emotional excellence and well-being for all learners
R - Respect, Responsibility, Recognition  - empathy, compassion and celebration for student succ​​​ess and achievement  in all areas

What Makes Hudson Road a Great Place to Learn?

  • Integration of INQUIRY across grades and subjects
  • Using the OECD 7 Principles of Learning and First Peoples Principles of Learning as foundation of our work 
  • Supporting the social-emotional well-being of all students 
  • School Based Team to support students and families
  • a Pyramid of Interventions model to support students and classroom teachers
  • Strong relationships with school community
  • Cultural Assemblies
  • Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field, Cross Country Running and co-ed Rugby teams
  • Harmony Day celebrations
  • Intermediate-Primary Buddies
  • Battle of the Books
  • Intramural athletics 
  • Primary/Intermediate swimming and skating programs
  • Involvement with B.C. Fruits and Vegetable & Snack Program, Hot Lunch Program
  • All staff trained in Physical Literacy
  • Wide range of curricular and extra-curricular field trips, including but not exclusive to, Climbing Wall, EECO Centre, Mission &Creek Park, O'Keefe Ranch, Gardom Lake, Ben Lee Park, Apple Bowl, Rotary Centre for the Arts, Museum, Indigenous Winter Gathering,  Kelowna Community Theatre.