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Learning Plan 2020-2021


This school year started with a Stage 2 Return to School Plan. Our priority for September 2020 was to open the school and to ensure that our students, staff, and families felt welcome, safe and ready to learn. We developed the school Health and Safety procedures under the direction and guidance of our District Health and Safety Officer Dave Cavezza. The Health and Safety plan was communicated with families and staff prior to our opening. Our school representative of COTA and CUPE were involved in developing our school site health and safety plan. Even though masks were not recommended for elementary students except for students on the bus, some of our students decided to wear masks. Most adults in our building were able to maintain physical distance or they were wearing masks when interacting with students, each other, or different leaning groups.   

Many new health and safety procedures were put in place to keep everyone safe. We had 6 learning groups, and each learning group consisted of two classrooms. 

Picture2.jpgLearning groups went together for lunch and recess.
Our parent community was very supportive, cooperative, and very understanding as we asked them to:

  • Perform daily health checks
  • Keep students at home if sick
  • Phone school if they needed any help rather than enter in the building
  • Leave school property immediately after students were dismissed
  • Not to use our playground after or before school.

 Students understood the seriousness of the pandemic and adjusted very well to new expectations. Here is the comment of one of our grade 3 students who was new to our school.

Remote Learning:
Initially 10% of our student population decided to join e-school or be homeschooled due to family members who are immuno-compromised.

 Currently we have 4% of our student population that is enrolled in eSchool as many transitioned back to Hudson Road. Some of our current students who are enrolled in e-School are supported by our school counselor, and learning assistance teacher. We developed a great partnership between Hudson Road Elementary staff and eschool as we are together working to meet needs of all our learners.

School Culture
Picture4.pngWe are continuing to work on 

conditions where learners of all ages students and staff are leaving our classrooms more curious and engaged as life long learners than when they arrived. At the beginning of the school year, we had a school assembly that was led by our grade 5 students. In the past we would have a school wide assembly where now we had only one learning group at a time. Students enjoyed it but it definitely looked different. At the assembly we introduced our school theme for the 2020-2021 school year as well as the district theme.

School Theme for 2020-2021 school year                         District Theme for 2020-2021 school year   
Picture5.png                                                                         picture 6.PNG


Picture6.pngOur overarching goal is to meet needs of every learner and seriously tackling the challenges of creating equity and excellence for all. This requires adaptive expertise and purposeful collaboration amongst educators, schools and district. 

School Learning Goals:

Due to Covid-19, many of our students experienced disruption to their learning. As we analyzed the student academic achievement using EdPlan Insight and MyEd, we noticed that there was room for improvement in writing, reading and math. Last year we focused on mathematical skills and we saw significant improvement.  We will continue that work and we will work together on improving student Writing and Reading skills.

In order to work collaboratively to improve student writing and reading skills, we worked together with the Collaborative Learning Support Team and planned our Implementation Day around our beliefs about student writing. At the Implementation day, our staff looked at different students' writing samples and identified what students needed to be better writers.

 Our  FOCUS:
  • Reconnecting with our Beliefs
  • What beliefs do we hold about how children learn to writeand howe can we indetify the common ground to align our beliefs with each other?
  • Practices: How do we make it all happen ? 
  • Looking at our weekly schedule.
Through individual, and table discussions staff identified questions that they had and support they would need to help students become better writers.

Four big questions about learning
1. What do students need to know and be able to do?
2. How do we know when they have learned it?
3. What are our next steps if students have or have not  learned it?
4. Why does it matter? 

At the staff meeting in October, our staff came up with common beliefs about student writing.
Picture10.pngHere are EdPlan Insight PM Benchmark results from September 2020.
Picture 11.PNG

Based on our assessment we noticed that most of the students are not meeting grade level reading expectations. In conversation with our support team, we used 'The response to Intervention' model to target students who needed some additional support. We also identified some of our indigenous learners who were receiving one on one additional support with Erin Read who is an indigenous early learning support teacher. Our teacher librarian also provided targeted support to learners who needed some extra practice. Our goal is to create opportunities for students to write every day. As a staff, we created a common schedule where teachers could access each other's writing periods and learn from and with each other.